SOCAN’s internet tax; Opening the floodgates

The Songwriters Association of Canada has proposed a $5/month internet tax, on ALL CANADIAN INTERNET ACCOUNTS, to punish the vast majority of innocent Canadians for the actions of a small minority. They don’t give a damn what happens, as long as they collect their pound of flesh. However, I care.

The question arises, what’s so special about SOCAN? Nothing really. Why should they get their pound of flesh from innocent Canadian internet users, while other alleged “internet downloading victims” don’t?

There’s no logical answer to that question. Therefore, If SOCAN gets to collect a tax, why shouldn’t the MPAA (movies), the TV networks, e-book publishers, software publishers, etc, etc? Pretty soon, my $29.95/month ADSL account will be subject to anywhere from $50 to $100 or more, per month, to pay off everybody demanding their cut. Do we really want to turn the internet into the preserve of the filthy rich who can afford such an extravegance?

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