Someone stole my used clunker; that gives me the right to steal your new Cadillac

Two wrongs do not make a right, let alone punishing an innocent 3rd party for someone else’s actions. Yet, the Songwriters Association of Canada seems to think so. As pointed out by the New York Times, major ISPs like Comcast see 50% of their bandwidth use come from only 5% of their customers.

SOCAN proposes to grab $5 per month from ALL CANADIAN INTERNET SUBSCRIBERS, including the innocent 95% who mostly use their accounts to surf the web, and read email, and watch Youtube, etc. Their biggest downloads tend to be legitimate operating system and program security and feature updates. This is not about justice for songwriters, it’s about a bigtime money-grab from innocent law-abiding internet users.Consider what true justice would (or would not) accomplish for the songwriters. Today’s new pop music is mostly potty-mouthed-rappers and Bimbos-like-Britney, and appeals to teens and pre-teens lacking in both

  1. musical taste
  2. and money to buy music with

Item 1 explains why they gravitate to today’s music, and item 2 explains why they download it for free. Assume that effective DRM and fear of lawsuits combine to halt downloading. Adults grown-up enough to make enough money to have some left over for buying music with won’t buy today’s music, and most musicians will be making non-existant wages, just like before Napster.

That would be the result of true justice. But SOCAN isn’t looking for true justice; they’re looking for money. So they follow tactics used by so many civil-litigation lawyers when the true criminals don’t have money. Namely, find an innocent third-party with deep pockets, and go after their money instead. That’s what the internet tax proposal amounts to.


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